Little Beach

Hi All,

This shot was taken a couple of summers ago on the East Coast of Tassie.  I spent a lot of time camping down the East Coast of Tasmania when I was in my late teens/early 20's surfing, partying, listening to never ending music playlists (Pixies was always on high rotation) and just been a young whipper snapper! 

Me and my mate Alex had a surf on this day.  It was taken the day after a wedding we both shot in Hobart back in December 2014.  Alex is a Videographer in Hobart ( We were the only two surfing and this can be common in Tassie. The east coast of Tassie definitely requires a wettie all year round.  The water temperature has increased by 0.8% since the 1960's. Don't rush into your swimmers!  Even though this day was over 30', the water temperature was probably sitting at 15'.  Wetsuit essential!